Have you ever had the need to do a Google search for “emergency roof repair near me“? Now. this should go without saying, but a close second to your home or commercial buildings foundation, is your roof. Because your roof is such an integral part of the structural integrity of the building, it must be as close to very durable and as close to impenetrable possible.

So the question you should ask is, what should you expect at that unfortunate period when the time comes to search. No matter what, make sure that you give us a call at 317-983-0258 we have the perfect 24 hour roofers to address any roof repair emergency near me out there. We will be there! Do a search for 24 hour emergency roof repair near me, and find My Roof Guys. We are there.

What Qualifies as a Roofing Repair Emergency?fema

Before we really discuss roof repairs, lets clarify what should qualify to you as an emergency, and what qualifies as something that is not extremely urgent. In the middle of a severe storm, unfortunately, there may be some damage. There are certain things that qualify as damage, but  there also some items that DO NOT require a search for an “emergency roof repair near me”.

The items that often seem immediately urgent but may not hit the “emergency” qualification are as follows:

  • Missing shingles
  • Small leaks
  • Overflowing gutters

An Emergency Roofing Repair Service Near Me That You Can Trust

Unfortunate as it may be, if you contact some 24 hour emergency roofing companies during a storm or immediately after a severe storm, like the kind of storms that we are known to have in Indiana, emergency roof repair indianapolisyou may not receive an immediate appointment. Understandably, a number of roofing service companies may require you to make an appointment. And depending how severe the weather has been, a visit could possibly be as much as a few weeks out.

If you need an emergency roof repair near me, give us a call at 317-983-0258

If you call in the middle of a storm or directly after a storm, no matter how great we (or another service) may be in the area of service, there’s a good chance that there’s a backlog. In the case of a true need for a “emergency roofing repair near me” search, take note of the current weather conditions, as there may be some time before you can receive an immediate visit. Unfortunately you have to be prepared for a potential repair by the crew to be fixed with something as rudimentary as a tarp or a bit of patchwork. In some instances, temporary roof repair patchwork may be to use flashing to cover shingles, holes or other exposed areas. Sometimes, you may need to call for a roof tarps installation service. At the end of the day, set realistic expectations as to when you may be able to receive a replacement or some other form of long term roof repair.

search for an emergency roof repair near me when your shingles look like this

If the damage caused to your home or business is substantial, a quick roof replacement may not be completely possible. If your building has some degree structural damage, you may need to have a complete tear off, or you may need a major roof deck repair, or something of the like. Often depending on local ordinances, major structural repairs may require a bit of permitting by the local building authority.

What Are the Immediate Steps to Take in a Roofing Repair Emergency Nearby?

If your phone is still functional these are the following steps to take:

  • Call My Roof Guys at 317-983-0258 after you’ve found us on your “emergency roof repair near me”.
  • Report the damage as soon as possible to your insurance company
  • Document damage with as many photos as possible. (Be aware, that if taking a photo puts you in a dangerous position, err on the side of caution. Don’t turn a roof emergency into trip to the emergency room!)
  • Call 9-1-1 in case of a fire or if someone has been hurt

Make Sure to Take Note. BE VERY CAREFUL Before You Search for an Emergency Repair Near Me

No matter how frustrating it may be, you may want to forget about making that Google search, to find a roofing repair company near you, take heed. Thousands of homeowners are severely hurt by jumping up onto a potentially unstable or severely damaged roof to make a roof repair. When it’s all said and done, it’s often much wiser to hire an Indiana roof professional, like the contractors at My Roof Guys, where we have the experts often readily available to make the repair.  a terrible fall while performing your own 24 hour emergency roof repair

While You Wait For Someone from You Roof Repair Near Me Search

If you decide that you are able to mitigate some of the damage while you are waiting for one of our contractors to come and make a repair, you could take the chance and take some of the steps listed below to make that roof repair.

By making your own temporary emergency roofing repair, and while you await a new roof, you can help prevent several thousand dollars of water damage, mold, and mildew to your home. Also, you can catch problems as soon as they are spotted, call for a roof inspection right away, and make any necessary emergency repairs you need. Protect your roof from further damage and help minimize the pain of replacement.

Fix Loose or Curling Shingles

If you have some loose, missing, or curling shingles you can re-adhere them to your roof temporarily. While this is not a permanent fix, it can sometimes buy you the extra time you need before you can make a roof replacement, these minor fixes can be just enough to help you make it through a few rainy days.curling shingles

  • Make sure to straighten out any curling shingles by softening them with a heat gun and gluing them down with roofing cement.
  • Slide any loose shingles back under the bottom edge of the row above and nail them down securely with 6d galvanized nails. Cover all the nail heads with roofing cement.
  • Apply additional roofing cement to all cracked or worn looking joints and the edges of the gutter flashing to help seal the roof.

Fulfilling Emergency Roof Repair Near Me Searches in the Indianapolis Area

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