new roof home value

New Roof Home Value

How Much Value Does A New Roof Add To Your Home

Adding anything new to your house will, of course, increase its value. A new roof can sometimes add too much value and inspire buyer shyness. The first question to address to select the greatest new-roof choice for your home is why you’re considering replacing it.

People replace their roofs for two main reasons. The first is that it needs replacement–that is, they have no plans to relocate, and their current roof has simply completed its life cycle; therefore, it is time to get a new one. The other reason is that they intend to sell their property and want to get it ready.

The second group, the sellers, is the one that usually searches the internet for answers to questions such as, “How much value does a new roof add?”

Below, we’ll answer how much value a new roof adds with this second group primarily in mind. People who plan to continue living in their house for a while should be familiar with this stuff as well.


How much value does a new roof add to your home? About two-thirds of its cost, normally. So, if you pay $9,000 and then raise the price of the house by $6,000, you’ve spent $3,000 to make it considerably more sellable.

Prospective buyers will be less likely to make an offer if you use high-end materials, such as copper. They didn’t make the decision to undertake something so expensive, and unless the market is red-hot, if you have a very lovely new roof, you may have to settle for a lower return on investment.

The only exception is if you want to live in the house for a long time. If this is your home and not an asset that needs to be sold right now, go all out. Get that copper roof installed. It may last 50 years or more, and its worth will depreciate over time, making the effect on the value of your home more palatable.

If you’re selling your home, there are two special tricks you may employ to increase the value of a new roof: It will be sold, and the warranty will be transferred.

A new roof is obviously a selling point. Everyone likes to find out that their new shelter will provide them with excellent shelter for at least the next 20 years. So tout that upgrade as for all it’s worth. If you use it properly, it will make it easier to sell the house, which is a whole other category of Return on investment.

In many cases, you can also transfer the warranty on your roof to the buyer. When choosing a Local Roofing Company in Lincoln, NE, be sure the warranty is transferrable and that the warranty is advertised with the new roof. It’ll most likely set you back a few hundred bucks to transfer everything, but that’s nothing when it comes to a whole house.


The most important thing you can do for your roof is to get it inspected by a reputable local roofing company. It’s never a bad idea to have a professional check at your work and tell you what they see. Maybe just a few minor repairs are all you need; perhaps you don’t even need that.

A roof is so easy to get used to and forget about over the long term that it can be daunting to figure out where to begin when you remember you were supposed to maintain it and may need to replace it. Don’t worry–Lincoln Roofing Company was founded to help with this problem. To get started, please contact us.

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