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A gutter replacement Indianapolis can be one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent home and roof damage. That is, when it’s done at the right time! Do you know the common warning signs of an impending need to replace your gutters?

Is it Time for a Full Replacement?

In short, a gutter replacement is worth taking the step. It’s especially worth the step when the cost of maintaining the gutters a far outweighed by the benefits of replacement. Even though it is a minor investment, be sure that it is an investment that ultimately should be made in a home. And because of this you want to know that your gutter replacement is going to provide you with benefits enough to warrant the need for a gutter replacement service.

At the same time this is simple enough to do, since gutters are far more important than most homeowners actually give credit. When you control the water movement around your roof and divert rainwater away from your walls and foundation, gutters in good shape can:

  • Reduce home repair costs
  • Improve roof longevity
  • Reduce the risks of ice dams come winter
  • Preserve your home’s foundation
  • Keep shrubs and landscape safe
  • Prevent the need for a roof leak repair
  • Prevent the need for a roof deck repair
  • Prevent the need for a roof replacement

Cracks on the Surface and Rust

Some of the items that a contractor will look for upon inspections are small cracks and indications of rust. Small cracks on the gutters may not seem like a major issue, however the small cracks ultimately get larger, and you’ll be surprised how quickly that can happen.

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Unless your gutters are extremely old, peeling paint or orange flecks indicate signs of the beginning stages of rust, and are an indicator that water is present in the gutters on a continuous basis. Which is not a good sign.

Once those cracks between the roof and gutter become larger it makes it that much more likely that water can creep in behind the flashing, damaging the shingles causing a need to replace shingles and begin to rot the fascia away. The water will then leak down the side of the house, to the foundation causing a more major issue with the foundation and possibly basement. 

Clogged Gutters

It goes without saying that the job of gutters is to move water from the roof to a more desirable section of the house or yard. Continuously clogged gutters ultimately result in the rotting of fascia boards, allowing for water to enter the walls and cause ceiling and wall damage. Clogged guttering can also ultimately begin to rot the roof deck causing the need for a roof deck repair.

Can a clogged gutter cause a roof to leak? Without a doubt it can and more than likely will. The need for a roof leak repair can bring an additional cost that could have easily been prevented with a preventative measure like a gutter apron installation or if need be, a gutter replacement.

Gutters Pulling Away from Their Support

The usual cause for gutters pulling away from the home are from the weight of snow, ice or leaves. Sagging gutters pulling away from the house can result in the need for a gutter replacement.

Gutter Replacement Can Prevent Mold in the Basement!mold in basement means time to replace

The job of the gutter is to move water away from the foundation of the house. If water begins to build up in pools around the base of your home that is an indication that they aren’t working the way they are supposed. And the need for mold removal  may be in your near future. Standing water makes a fertile breeding ground for mold, rot and mildew around the base of the house. Such damage around the foundation of the house will lead to what will ultimately become costly repairs in either your crawlspace, basement or general foundation of your home.

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We all need healthy gutters

Because gutters are such an important aspect to the lifespan of your roof and ultimately your home, it’s important to be well aware as to when it is time to look to replace your gutters. If you believe that it may be time to have one of our contractors at My Roof Guys inspect your roof for any potential issues that may call for gutter replacement, give us a call at 317-983-0258 today!

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