Vinyl siding has definitely been known to take a few licks. Regardless if it’s hail damage, an errant branch, it is vital to keep your vinyl siding in good repair. In the instance that you do need to do a vinyl siding Indianapolis repair, here is a quick guide on how to perform your own minor siding repairs. If you decide to hire a siding repair company, give us at My Roof Guys a call at 317-983-0258 today.

Fix Your Siding Now

Regardless of the overall size of the hole or damaged section, you’ll wish to start with a clean and dry surface. Although mild dish soap will do the trick, we recommend vinyl siding cleanser. For minor repairs, those which are smaller than a nail hole or screw puncture, all you’ll need is single tube of caulking. To find the caulk that matches your type of siding perfectly, contact your vinyl siding manufacturer and order the caulk directly from the manufacturer. If you’re unsure who manufactured the siding, or your need to match isn’t quite that obsessive, simply take a small piece of the siding to the nearest home improvement store and do your best job possible in matching the siding.

Once you have the right caulk, load the caulk into a caulk gun, cut off the tip of the tube (cutting the tip at an angle give you more control over the flow of the caulk), prime the gun with a few squeezes, and after that squeeze as much caulk into the hole as you can. When the caulk begins oozing out around the tip, and you’ve completely filled the gap, use the caulk trimmer (or an old charge card) to remove the excess caulk and smooth it against the existing vinyl siding.

Patching a Hole or Tear in Vinyl Siding

Repairing a hole in vinyl siding is an advanced job. First, identify the origin of your donor vinyl. (You’ll would like to use your existing siding as the patch because it will match better than the new piece you purchased.) Then, for the quick fix, using a sharp utility knife, carefully remove a patch (or, for a better solution, remove an entire piece of siding, complete with nail holes) which is a few inches bigger than the hole or tear you’re repairing. Next, thoroughly clean both the damaged area and the area where you harvested the patch. Allow both to try thoroughly. While you’re waiting on the caulking to dry, load and prime your caulk gun with color-mated caulk, so it’s ready to go when you need to use.

If You Need a Better Siding Repair

If you need a better vinyl siding repair solution, give My Roof Guys a call at 317-983-0258, we have several repair contractors on staff and ready to fix the broken siding on your house.