If you’ve ever wondered how to fix loose cement board siding, here is a guide on how to repair your fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding looks like wood, but it’s actually a tough, industrial-material alternative that’s waterproof, fire-proof insect-resistant, making it a very popular choice for most homeowners. Fiber cement siding repair is roughly the same process to complete as vinyl siding repair. If you are ready for a fiber cement siding repair, call us at My Roof Guys at 317-983-0258 today.

What is Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is a composite building material used to cover the exterior of a building in both commercial and domestic applications. Fiber cement siding is an extremely heavy product and requires that two people to carry the uncut sheets of the siding. Thin fiber cement siding is fragile before installation and must be handled carefully because the siding is prone to chipping and breakage if improperly handled.

Where Did Fiber Cement Come From?

Fiber cement originated in Austria in 1901 when Ludwig Hatsheck patented the product under the name “Eternit,” derived from the Latin word “Aeternitas,” meaning everlasting. Using fiber cement siding grew substaintially in Australia due to the heavy brush fires and later gained popularity in North America in the early 1980s.

Fiber cement siding is very water-resistant, so water does not affect it as it would other siding materials Installing fiber cement siding, such as James Hardie or HardiPlank siding, was one of the top items for best return on investment. Installing fiber cement siding, such as James Hardie or HardiPlank siding, is  one of the top items for best return on investment for home improvement.

Repairing Cement Siding

Clean the Fiber Siding for Repair

Before you repair fiber cement siding, you want to get the fiber siding clean. Not only will cleaning the cement siding greatly improve the fiber sidings appearance, but cleaning will prepare the surface of the siding for any further repairs that you might undertake in the coming steps.

To clean the siding, start by taking a light wire brush and dipping it in a buck of water mixed with a cup of bleach and some dishwashing detergent. Scrub away at any bits of mold, mildew or stains (keep in mind that tough, persistent stains might just have to be painted over).

Then, mix some water with a little trisodium phosphate and hook up your power washer. Spray away the rest of the dirt and grime from the cement siding. Then refresh the power washer with fresh water to give it a good rinse.

Replace the Fiber Siding Caulking

In the next step in repairing cement board siding, remember, over time, caulking around windows, door frames and trim can crumble away and fall out. This is another reason to repair your siding.  Use your caulk gun to replace all caulking now.

Repair any Holes in the Fiber Siding

If you have some small cracks and holes in your siding, you can fill them in with Hardie board hole filler which is a meant for the type of patching Hardie board siding requires and is specifically designed for the purpose of patching Hardie board or James Hardie fiber cement board. The James Hardie board hole filler is available at your local hardware store.

Hardie Board Patching Can Be Obvious

When you’re learning how to repair Hardie Board siding, you need to keep in mind that the patching will be obvious, whether or not you paint over it, so this is the best solution if the cracks and holes are in out of the way places that aren’t readily noticeable. If you have really big holes and cracks in your cement siding, then the James Hardie board cement siding will probably have to be replaced altogether. Apparently, the cement patching compound did not work.

Apply Fresh James Hardie Touch Up Paint

Finally, now that your fiber cement siding repair is clean, refresh and renewed. The best paint for Hardie board siding to use is the Official James Hardie touch up paint to touch up the repaired siding.

Make Sure the Siding is Dry

Make sure that the siding is completely dry from the washing, and that the siding caulk and patches are dry too. Use only completely acrylic paint, and apply with rollers. Depending on the size of your house, you may need a ladder to reach the area of siding near the roof. Remember, above all else, that you must not stain siding; the cement material is not able to hold the stain, and the end result will not be pretty! Only use paint that is certified for James Hardie board fiber cement repair.

Fiber Cement Siding is Durable

Fiber cement siding is durable, however at time it does require a bit of repair. If you have fiber cement siding that needs repaired give us a call at My Roof Guys at 317-983-0258 for help with your siding repair today!