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If you are considering getting you’re roof replaced there are many options out there for you to explore. The first and more traditional option is a wooden roof. As mentioned previously, wooden roofing is theĀ  oldest and the most traditional designs for homes. Because wood is the traditional format for roofing, it can be used in a house which is built in the traditional style as well as the contemporary design houses. However, the kind of wood and the particular design which is chosen makes a lot of difference. When you hire the best commercial roofing contractor in Indianapolis, they will show you the best possible roofing designs which is the most suitable for your house.

Fortunately, My Roof Guys specializes in all forms of roofing; they also specialize in insurance claims, metal roofs and take into energy-efficient haven systems at so little budget as possible versus building owners. Our contractors also promise to honor their warranties and be available for all customers to handle their services or repairs.

Is steel a viable option?

While wood is the oldest and the most commonly used option, steel and copper are also good materials which are being used in the roofing. This is because of the vast number of advantages that they provide. Copper is known to last for a long time and also being water proof and fire resistant. Also, these metal roofs are light weight and within the budget. The wooden roofs can be expensive and could possibly become very expensive to build in the long run. Thus, the steel and copper are cost effective methods in repairing or replacing roofs. The charges of the Indianapolis commercial roofing contractor is standard while the cost of the materials will depend on the design of the roof and the material which is to be used.