Your Leaky Roof Repair Experts leaky roof causes ceiling to leak

Your roof is one of the most noticeable aspects of your home. It shapes how visitors perceive your home, making your roof a key element of your home’s curb appeal. It also provides protection for you and your family from the elements. If you nee a roof leak repair Indianapolis, give us a call at 317-983-0258 today!

The team at My Roof Guys is qualified and able to work on all types of roofs including tile, asphalt, shingle, slate and composite. Whether your roof is pitched or flat, we can help. If you need a leak repair in Indianapolis or nearby areas, we are there for your roof leak repair Indianapolis today.

Call Us at 317-983-0258 to Fix Your Roof Leak Repair in Indianapolis!

Call Us at 317-983-0258 to Fix Your Roof Today!

What does a leaking roof cost and is it covered by insurance?

Because there are many types of roofs that span the gamut, the cost for a leaky roof repair in Indianapolis can vary widely. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the need of a repair, you can expect to spend anywhere in between $100 to $1000 to repair an asphalt roof. For a composite roof, expect to spend between $110 to $1000. To repair a leaky slate roof, expect to spend anywhere in between $1000 to $2000.

More often than not, your homeowners insurance covers your problems with your roof, and any resulting damage, depends on what caused the leak. If, for instance, a windstorm or hail damaged your roof, your insurance would more than likely cover roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Call Us at 317-983-0258 to Fix Your Roof Today! 

Should I Look For A Roof Contractor to Fix a Roof Leak After a Storm?

Some roofers cause more damage than the storm, by nailing huge tarps onto your roof or by deliberately damaging your shingles while “inspecting” the roof. They may say you need to replace an entire roof slope when you just need a small roof leak repair in Indianapolis.

If you are looking for access to the best contractors in the Indianapolis area, My Roof Guys is a perfect resource to help find a fix to your emergency leaky roof repair.

At My Roof Guys, we specialize in roofing services to prevent and repair roof leaks. Make sure to call us for a roof leak repair Indianapolis after:

  • After a hail or wind storm
  • If your roof is flat or sagging in places
  • When you notice a water stain on your ceiling
  • If you notice a water leak on a wall
  • If paint is bubbling on drywall
  • If you see water leaking around outlets or light fixtures
  • If you notice cracked flashing on pipe vents
  • If you notice some shingles are missing
  • If you hear water dripping
  • When your eaves look rotted
  • When your chimney is leaking
  • When you want to prevent future problems

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