What is a roof deck?

The roof deck is the roofing material between the structural components and the insulation and weatherproofing layers (roof materials, coatings, layers, etc.). Types of roof deck material include steel, concrete, cement and wood. Traditionally, when you are attaching waterproof material to the roof, you attach the materials to the roof deck. Our roof repair contractors have expertise in waterproofing and constructing roof decks of any kind and with any roof deck materials such as plywood, steel or EPMD (waterproofing rubber membrane)

Why is a roof deck important?

The sheathing also called decking of the roof gives a flat surface that adds stability to a roof, while also creating the first layer of defense from the elements. Since roof decking tends to be made from wood and wood can rot when mixed with moisture and heat, after being laid, this layer of defense should be protected quite quickly with waterproofing membranes.

This is another layer of protection and stability for a roof, and probably the most important part of the roofing process. Roof decking provides the foundation for all other protective membranes and materials like shingles, flashing, or membranes to be applied.

It needs to be strong enough to support the materials that are attached to it, and durable enough to cope with the stresses of the elements and the constant use that a roof undergoes, on a daily basis. Your sheathing, if applied correctly, will significantly increase the rigidity and strength of your roof. That’s why it’s important to the health of your roof.

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The Types of Roof Decks

plywood roof deck repair

Plywood Roof Deck Repair Available

There are three types of wood roof decks:

  1. Tongue and Grove
  2. Plywood or OSB sheathing
  3. Plank sheathing

Rotted roof decking can’t be repaired, the fact of the matter is that it’s a deck that must be replaced.  This sits beneath the shingles used to protect the house from the weather. You need to look at as part of the roof repair, a roof deck replacement.

As moisture that passes this covering and seeps into the underlay for the roof and leaks into the home and could potentially could create greater problems for the home. Leaky roofs lead to wet insulation, mold and mildew, which ultimately results in costly repairs. To get a handle on this problem and stop it from spreading, replace rotted roof decking as soon as possible. My Roof Guys has skilled roof deck repair contractors in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.


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We offer roof deck repair services in the following areas:

It’s the part of the roof that gets even less attention than the roof. It’s hard to notice or even see in many cases, the job of the roofing deck is to hold up the thing that keeps everything dry. Not often, but occasionally the full deck will have to be replaced or during a replacement or a retrofit. The roof deck repair is almost the most crucial aspect to a roofing project.

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