Landscape lighting has always been an overlooked and underappreciated improvement that homeowners could create to their yards. An ASLA study of Landscape Architects in the U.S. found that barely 9% of contractors recommended landscape lighting. And while that may be surprising to some, it’s not. After all, what could be a more visible feature on a yard and a more apparent visual cue for passersby? It’s hard to argue with the aesthetic benefits of lighting up a yard and making your landscape that much more beautiful.

LED lighting

Outdoor Lighting Increases Safety

But there are so many more benefits of outdoor lighting besides just the aesthetics. Lighting can help improve safety by creating a safe alpine environment for those walking or driving through your yard. With low-energy lighting fixtures, you can easily add necessary lighting to dark spots and trees without running wires and drape lights over the area. Additionally, outdoor landscape lighting can also help emergency assistance if your outdoor lights can’t help you. Contact an outdoor landscape lighting contractor to provide an accurate assessment of your lighting needs.

Low Energy Consumption

One of the first and most obvious benefits of landscape lighting fixtures is their low energy consumption. With today’s LED technology, energy consumption doesn’t increase as the light output does. LED lighting’s ultra-bright color temperature output far exceeds what incandescent bulbs produce. As a result, LED technology allows for much more brightness and light than what would be permitted by conventional bulbs, which would cut back on energy consumption. This makes LED lighting a much better option for homeowners looking to save money on their electric bills.

Another benefit of landscape lighting is that they are incredibly low-voltage systems. Traditional low-voltage fixtures use large amounts of electricity to power themselves, creating a large amount of waste. The best part about using a low-voltage system is that it generally requires less maintenance as well. These fixtures last up to 30 years with proper upkeep, which means you can enjoy hassle-free operation for decades. And because these fixtures are so energy-efficient, you can expect to pay much less in the long run when compared to other electrical fixtures.

outdoor landscape lighting

LED Provides Versatility

Finally, LED technology makes it possible to install many different lighting systems without the need for a professional electrician. With years of development and research behind them, LED lights are more reliable than their counterparts. Some low-voltage systems can even work with solar panels, which means you can harness the sun’s energy to operate your lighting system without relying on electricity. Not only does this make it easier to manage, but it also makes it much more environmentally friendly, as it uses no fuel at all.

Utilize Versatility With Landscape Lighting

Regardless of whether you opt for one of these low-cost or more energy-efficient fixtures, there are numerous benefits of landscape lighting. By implementing a lighting system in your outdoor spaces, you can significantly increase your property’s market value while alleviating various potential safety risks. In addition to these two significant benefits of landscape lighting, it is also possible to enjoy many other services such as increased property security and reduced energy costs. Make sure to consult with an expert today about the benefits of landscape lighting for all your outdoor spaces!