One of the benefits of building a custom home, is that you are able to build with alternative energy sources, such as solar power, and other eco-friendly measures in mind. When you build with the goal of being eco-friendly, you both save money and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Here is how to build an energy efficient home, with a few quick ways that can make your newly constructed home as the most energy-efficient possible.

Solar Panel Installation Makes Sense

Solar power allows you to save money on electricity because the sun provides a clean source of renewable energy as an alternative to drawing energy reserves from an electrical plant.

When you install solar panels during home construction, you can design your home around the placement of the solar panels and save money on materials when compared to the cost of retrofitting an existing house with a standard roof replacement.

energy efficient windows

Choose Energy-Saving Windows

When select the windows for your new house, look for ENERGY STAR®-certified options. ENERGY STAR®-certified windows prevent cool air from escaping inside the house in the summer and warm outside air from infiltrating the home. When designed with increased insulation in mind, energy-efficient windows not only make your home more comfortable but also reduce your HVAC usage, saving you money on utilities in a short period of time.

Top to Bottom Insulation

Upgraded home insulation is among one of the most common recommendations among energy efficiency auditors. Insulation upgrades save homeowner’s an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs every year. The role of insulation is to regulate the temperature inside of your home without the need to use conventional energy efficient sources, such as gas or electric power. You can prevent heat from entering your home by adding extra insulation in the attic and crawl spaces.

An Energy Efficient Home is Good for Everyone

All in all, the returns from solar panel installation far outweighs the cost. So, when you are ready to build a new home or to perform a renovation to your home consider building an energy efficient home. It’s better for everyone.