Painting a house isn’t a task that no one person or group of people, for that matter are terribly excited to undertake. Who hasn’t had a memory of that “one time” that they’ve completed a pretty bad paint job themselves. And even if you are pretty good at painting, do you really have time to spend painting an entire house? And furthermore, who wants to be a the next Craigslist horror story? That’s why at My Roof Guys we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when it’s time for you to complete an internet search, “house painters near me“. If that search brought you here to us, just dial 317-983-0258 for the best house painter in your area.

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Does the House Painter Have Insurance?

No matter how professional the paint contractor may be, avoid taking the contractors word if they have insurance. It’s ok to ask the individual to have their insurance broker send a certificate of insurance. If the broker sends it via email or fax, then the policy can be verified. In some cases, smaller firms may try to convince homeowners that insurance is not necessary. Things go wrong, insurance is there to protect, just in case…

Are the Painters on My Project Employees or Subcontractors?

There are a lot of painting companies that fill up their painting staff with subcontractors. It may seem like that In the short term, this is cheaper practice than hiring a full-time staff. However, we strongly believe that hiring subcontractors does not pay in the long term. It’s the wrong way to run a painting company. Why?

  • Subcontractors Are Never Part of the Team
  • Subcontractors Aren’t Always Fully Insured
  • Subcontractors Aren’t Paid a Living Wage

We believe that employees are treated fairly and belong to a team, they provide better service. If you are looking for better service, give us a shout at 317-983-0258.

What Kind of Painting Materials Do You Use?

One of the most important parts of any home repair or restoration project is selecting products. It’s normally your contractor about who is responsible for purchasing the products and materials. Keep in mind your contractor may be eligible to get discounts that you can’t get so it’s important to discuss this beforehand to ensure you’re being as cost-effective as possible.

Is your House Painting Company a Member of the Better Business Bureau?

God forbid there is an issue with your house painting job, but in the instance there is an issue, it makes sense that you should have some way to resolve an issue without going to court. If a business has been accredited by the BBB, it means BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints

Does the House Painter Give References with Their Proposal?

The quality of work of a professional painting contractor can be easily seen, It should be expected to verify the quality of a contractors work through references of jobs previously completed. Contractors that provide less than quality work, often have a hard time providing valid contact information for 3 or 4 happy clients. We’ve all heard the horror story of the homeowner that needed to hiring a roofer. The homeowner decides to hire a contractor for a roof replacement without the contractors references anyway, and then spent months trying to get them to finish the job correctly.

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Do You Offer a Warranty with your House Painting Job?

In the typical house painting project about 80% of the cost relates to the labor, and about 20% of the cost of the paint job will be materials. If there is a problem with the painting job, you will usually see that problem within six months of the work, but not always. It’s really up to the painting contractor to take responsibility for both the labor and the materials. He or she should know what can or cannot be painted over, and exactly what kind of preparation work is needed on that basis. They should place that requirement into the estimate, and be able to stand behind all the materials and labor employed to get the project completed.

It’s worth paying a good house painter nearby little extra for a good warranty.

A Good House Painter Near Me Can Be Hard to Find

Looking for  an good house painter isn’t going to be an easy task. That’s why you have referral services like My Roof Guys to get your house or business painted by the best. Remember, at My Roof Guys, no project is too big or too small for our network of painting specialists. We’ll help to make the process easy for  by finding just the right professional for your project. Just give us a call today at 317-983-0258 today.